POSibolt Main Features

Inventory Manager

  • Capturing Stock levels with stock takes
  • Deciding Re-order levels based on sales and purchase cycle
  • Raising POs, tracking shipments, generating GRNs
  • Warehouse to store and inter store stock xfers
  • Tracking customer returns and damaged goods

Customer Relationship Manager

  • Capturing customer information
  • Tracking purchase history
  • Setting and enforcing credit limits and terms
  • Ageing analysis
  • Mailers and promotions
  • Loyalty cards
  • Separate price lists for special customers

Sales Promotions Manager

  • Qty based, amount based promotions
  • Time bound
  • Coupons/promotion codes supported
  • Reports on sales and profits through promotions
  • Different promotions for different customer groups.

Channel Manager

  1. Supports multiple channels
    • Direct sales from the shop
    • Online sales through web store
    • Telephone sales
    • Agent sales
  2. Provide for different price lists and promotions for different channels

Profitability Manager

  • Track sales and margins
    • by product, vendor, product group, customer, …
  • Track payments due to reduce early payment and eliminate late payment.
  • Improve collections from customers.
  • Reduce overstocking, …

Vendor Relationship Manager

  • Help get best quotes from vendors
  • Manage multiple vendors
  • Track vendor payments and dues
  • Place early orders to get best vendor discounts
  • Take advantage of vendor managed promotions

Security Manager

  • Provides access to only those apps which a person needs
  • Limits access to data
  • Provides for a simple approval workflow
  • Even when granting ability for discretionary discounts limit the % (to the granularity of a product)
  • Accounting and Reporting Manager
  • Bank statement reconciliations
  • Cash books, vendor and customer journals
  • Trial Balances and Balance sheets (store wise or corporate)
  • Stock valuations
  • Store – Store comparisons
  • Period – Period comparisons and reports
  • Reports filtered on multiple criteria

Anytime, Anywhere Manager

  • Store/Warehouse/Backend Operations work out of a local server.
  • All transactions instantly replicated to a central server.
  • Can optionally replicate to a local backup server and/or a central backup server also.
  • People with login access to central server can view “up to the minute” organization wide information.

Manager Health Insurance

  • POSibolt licensees can utilize services to monitor the health of their servers, network connections, database and application.
  • Will also manage backups, harden servers against attacks, and maintain OS, RDBMS & applications by patching them appropriately.
  • Custom reports and features can also be added based on customer needs.
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